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My roots are embedded in Louisville, KY, and try as they might to pull me home, I've created a life for myself beyond the blue-grass.  I am a writer and strategist with a passion for storytelling. The articles I write tend to involve some aspect of culture, art and design. From interviewing dance masters at The Joffrey Ballet to talking with the director of the 2nd Annual Architectural Biennial—I see the fluidity between each cultural medium.

My work has appeared in six Modern Luxury magazines including CS, NS, Interiors, City Guide, Men’s Book and Weddings. I also contribute to The DePaulia and 14 East Magazine on a regular basis.

I approach life through a lens of curiosity, and I spend my free time exploring the best spots the city has to offer, reading, working on 1,000+ puzzles and stumbling my way through a new city with the people I love. If you found my brief description of myself at all interesting, take a closer look at my portfolio and resume. Better yet, hire me.